Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sergey Kadinsky to editor: "No Chance of Peace"

This letter to the editor, published in this past Friday's New York Jewish Week, takes a sobering psychological approach to the "matzav (situation)." I'm just going to copy and paste the whole thing:

No Chance Of Peace

by Sergey Kadinsky

At this point, I am convinced that if Israel were to voluntarily drive itself into the sea and hand everything over to the Palestinians, they would refuse to take it. In their culture, victory is gained not by negotiating, but by struggling and fighting. In Palestinian schools, streets, and mosques, it is the martyrs, not the diplomats, who are given honors.
To be given half of Jerusalem with the stroke of a pen would be shameful for the Palestinians to accept. They would much prefer to take it by blood and bullets. This is why Hamas is shooting rockets at Israel: to show that it won Gaza through warfare, rather than a bloodless Israeli withdrawal.

Forest Hills, Queens


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